FEI Campus is free of charge and available to everybody. The objective of FEI Campus is to bring the highest quality in equine education right to your living room. All content has been carefully crafted and compiled by experts in each field in order to provide all equestrian enthusiasts with valuable and interesting information.

Horsemanship Competence

A must-read for everyone that is around a horse: A Horsemanship Study was initiated in 2016-2017 to assist in defining the concept of horsemanship and develop a baseline understanding of the necessary skills, abilities and attributes for horsemanship competence. In this interactive course, you will find interesting pieces of history and literature about horsemanship and interviews with over 100 passionate individuals. It is our commitment and responsibility to nurture and encourage best practices and exemplary horsemanship at all times all over the world.

Equine Health

FEI Campus is pleased to announce three new courses available in the Equine Health hub:

Laminitis is one of the most widespread and serious hoof diseases. This course covers the different causes of laminitis, the signs and how it can be diagnosed and treated. The course is enriched with images that are carefully explained so that you will walk away with vital knowledge this disease and with a good understanding of the future for the horse or pony with laminitis.

Palmar hoof pain can affect both sport and leisure horses and has many possible causes. This course explains what palmar hoof pain is, which parts of the hoof are affected, how horses react and teaches you everything you need to know about navicular disease.

Coming soon: Cardiovascular diseases can be of considerable significance in equine athletes and in older horses. Many cardiovascular diseases are degenerative and progressive. In this course you will be presented with the structures of the cardiovascular system which can be affected and the signs of mild, moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases and which infectious diseases can affect the cardiovascular system.

These courses have been specifically developed for FEI Campus with our valued Partners from the University of Zurich, the Vetsuisse Faculty, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael Weishaupt, PhD, Dipl. ACVSMR.

Discipline Portal

The Foundation Course for Vaulting Officials will be available as of mid-May in the Vaulting hub. This online programme lays the foundations for officiating as an FEI Official in Vaulting.