Escudo Fox, the vaulting horse used by Sissi Jarz (AUT) and lunged by Julia Nöbauer (AUT), bronze medal in the Individual Female Vaulting event, was selected for sampling on 26 August 2006. Analysis of the horse’s initial urine sample revealed the presence of metabolites of acepromazine, a sedative. Acepromazine is a prohibited substance according to FEI rules, and is classified under “Medication Class A” in the FEI Equine Prohibited List of substances. A confirmatory (“B” sample) analysis was carried out at the request of the persons responsible, and confirmed the initial findings. Under the rules applicable in vaulting, the horse, vaulter and lunger form a competitive unit, the vaulter and lunger both bearing responsibility in such cases.

The persons responsible have two weeks to submit a written explanation for these positive results to the FEI’s Investigative Body. A decision will be rendered by the FEI Judicial Committee further to completion of the investigation and submission of the case to a Panel of the Judicial Committee. A hearing may also be held, if one is requested by either party. The status of adjudication of cases can be tracked on the FEI website.

A second positive result for a minor offence, not involving a medallist, resulted in a disqualification further to administrative proceedings (under which case details are not disclosed).

These were the only positive results out of 76 horses tested.

Human Athletes

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) acting through the German National Anti-Doping Agency carried out anti-doping tests on six riders. All six tests were negative.