Despite repeated warning from officials, some irresponsible people continued to defy the protocols, while three individuals reported they tested positive for COVID-19 after being onsite at PBIEC during last week’s ESP Holiday & Horses CSI4*. As a result, ESP Management released the following statement on Dec. 4th:

To all participants of the ongoing and upcoming ESP horse shows,

This message is to notify you that a group of individuals were evicted from the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) today after several violations of ESP COVID-19 protocols. Several warnings were given from ESP officials. These individuals continued to defy and challenge the rules and regulations that are in place to keep everyone safe. Their disregard for the rules that are in place to safeguard the health of their fellow equestrians ultimately forced ESP management to issue the eviction.

Although we hope that a situation such as this one does not repeat, please know that ESP management will continue to evict individuals who do not follow the COVID protocols, which are well-documented across the venue, after well-intentioned warnings are ignored. These rules are in place for the wellbeing of everyone onsite so that we can continue to operate events in a safe environment. Exhibitors should be fully aware that they are agreeing to follow all ESP COVID-19 rules when they sign an ESP entry blank and USEF waiver.

As part of our promise to keep you informed of any COVID developments, we are also informing you that three additional individuals reported to us that they tested positive for COVID-19 after being onsite at PBIEC during last week’s ESP Holiday & Horses CSI4* show. Per CDC guidelines, the individuals are currently self-quarantining, and all people who may have had close contact have been notified.

Let this serve as a reminder to all of us that we must be vigilant in following all of the COVID protocols to the letter, both for your personal safety and the safety of those around you. Please understand that the proper compliance of masks and social distancing are critical in controlling the close contact quarantines that are enforced when these inevitable positive cases are reported to management. This is the reason why ESP staff is so vigilant in enforcing these rules.

There is a busy season of horse showing ahead at PBIEC with people coming and going, which means that the ESP COVID-19 protocols are especially important for all occupants of the facility. With this in mind, ESP management asks that all individuals respect the COVID protocols in place at the show grounds, as well as remain cautious in public and not at the show so that there is a smaller chance of a COVID-exposed person bringing the virus to PBIEC. The measures at the venue are in place to protect all of the participants, but it is imperative that exhibitors, trainers, grooms, and everyone else do their part outside of the horse show, as well.

Please review the COVID protocol, in its entirety, HERE.

As a reminder, here are some of the key things you need to know:

  • Trainers – We are asking you to make sure your staff understand that these rules are for everyone’s safety and they must comply, not just when they are caught or warned.
  • Masks are required at all times, unless on horseback.
  • Social distance at all times, even within families.
  • Each rider is allowed a maximum of two people on the grounds at any time. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and non-riding siblings need to stay home.
  • Golf carts – All occupants should be masked at all times. Golf carts need to be unloaded once you arrive at your location. This again applies to everyone, including family members.

Please be aware that we will have authorities patrolling the barns to strictly enforce these rules.

We all want to continue horse showing, so please work with us to ensure our sport can continue safely.

Thank you, and good luck to competitors this week and all upcoming weeks.