Ottawa, Ontario— The Dressage Canada Competitions Committee is pleased to honour seven Dressage Canada members, nominated and recognized for their service to Canadian dressage competitions.

“Dressage competitions could not exist without our dedicated volunteers,” said Anne Welch, Chair of Dressage Canada Competitions Committee. “They not only bring excellent skills, but also enthusiasm and love for this sport which is evident at each and every competition across this country.”

The Competitions Committee congratulates the following volunteers for their outstanding contributions to Dressage Canada:

Gwen Beaton and George Beaton (British Columbia)

Gwen and her late husband George have been involved with, and have run competitions for longer than anyone can remember in the Okanagan Valley. Their energy has guaranteed everything from gourmet lunches to perfectly groomed competition rings. In addition, you will find Gwen at the competition acting as one of the region’s best scribes, and there are many memories of George’s sultry tone announcing throughout the show grounds.


Shirley Guertin-Cook (Ontario)

Shirley has been instrumental in the organization and hosting of competitions, from friendly ‘fun shows’, to national competitions in the Ottawa area over the past 30 years. Not only have competitors come up through the ranks at Shirley’s shows, so have many of our dressage officials. Shirley’s contributions have had a significant effect on Dressage in Ontario.


Claire Milton (Nova Scotia)

Claire is recognized for continually giving 110% to her club, RIDERS, and the club’s competitions. Her attention to detail and determination that the competitions meet the highest possible standard has ensured that this club stays strong, and that dressage competitions in Nova Scotia continue to be better served.



Linda Dieno (British Columbia)

Linda is a core organizer and volunteer for the Country Dressage group in British Columbia, and always provides kind words of encouragement to competitors and volunteers alike. Linda has worked hard to create a warm and fun atmosphere at the competitions so exhibitors always look forward to them.


Valerie Frost  (Ontario)

Over the years Valerie has participated in almost every facet of Dressage Niagara competitions – all of which she undertakes with grace, efficiency and a level of excellence which has clearly inspired others.


Carolyn Tipler (British Columbia)

Carolyn is the driving force behind the Interior Dressage shows and over time has taken on virtually every position under the sun. Her tireless enthusiasm and efforts have helped to encourage dressage enthusiasts from all over BC to participate in competitions. Carolyn has played a major part in the growth and success of the Interior Dressage Group.


In its inaugural year, the 2006 Dressage Canada ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award was given to Kerri McGregor for her outstanding contributions to Dressage Canada competitions through web design and communication.


The Dressage Canada Competitions Committee invites you to nominate those Dressage Canada volunteers who have made outstanding contributions towards dressage competition. Nominations for 2007 are due December 1, 2007. For further information please visit