Ottawa, Ontario – Dressage Canada is pleased to announce that 13 Canadian Dressage Judges, and six Dressage Stewards have recently been approved, or upgraded.

“The Officials Committee is pleased to announce the names of those individuals who were promoted to carded dressage judges and stewards in 2006,” commented Officials Committee Chair Brenda Minor. “Congratulations, you are all excellent representatives of the sport.”

Canadian Dressage Judges
Judge Status Province
Brandy Catton Recorded Manitoba
Janet Henderson Recorded Ontario
Dale Irwin Recorded British Columbia
Geraldine Rondot Recorded Quebec
Renee Young Recorded Ontario
Francine Bell Basic Quebec
Ellen King Basic Quebec
Kris Sherry Basic Ontario
Suzanne Wallace Basic British Columbia
Joanne White Basic Ontario
John MacPherson Medium Ontario
Lee Tubman Senior Ontario
Brenda Minor FEI ‘C’ Ontario
Canadian Dressage Stewards
Steward Dressage Status Province
Nathalie Fortin Basic Quebec
Lynne Milford Basic Ontario
Anke Seifried Basic Alberta
Barbara Wile Basic Ontario
Brett Filson Medium Saskatchewan
Linda Miller FEI Alberta

For a complete listing of Equine Canada certified officials, please visit the online Officials Database,