Ottawa, Ontario—Dressage Canada is pleased to announce the 2009 Dressage Canada Board (DCB). The DCB is defined as the discipline committee for dressage, charged with governance, support and management of all discipline related activities for the Canadian dressage community. As such, the DCB has some broad responsibilities that encompass different tasks.

At the Equine Canada annual convention in February, Sue Rothgeb, of Green Valley, ON, was elected as the Chair of Dressage Canada.

“2009 is a very exciting year for Dressage Canada,” said Rothgeb, who is a longtime volunteer for Canadian dressage at all levels of the sport, retired FEI dressage judge and current Senior Equine Canada dressage judge. “Several Dressage Canada programs beginning this year will improve Canada’s position in the world in dressage.”

The DCB consists of seven members:

six directors-at-large elected from the affiliate membership of Dressage Canada, and

one athlete representative identified by the Dressage Canada Athletes’ Council.

The immediate past chair or co-chair(s) is a non-active and non-voting member(s) of the DCB who may be consulted as required.

2009 Dressage Canada Board

Chair—Sue Rothgeb (2008-2009)

Athlete Rep—Annaliese Farber (2009)

Kim Goodyear (2009-2010)

Kerri McGregor (2008-2010)

Elizabeth McMullen (2008-2009)

Claire Milton (2008-2009)

Lisa Hossack-Scott (2009-2011)