Until tonight, no competitor at the Royal Horse Show had won three back-to-back Canadian show jumping titles. Yann Candele (Caledon, ON) changed that this evening, taking the Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping Championship for an astounding third consecutive year.

By merit of his standing after last night’s competition, Candele earned the right to jump last in the order tonight. By the time the field including Ian Millar (Perth, ON), Jill Henselwood (Oxford Mills, ON), Ainsley Vince (Burlington, ON) and Erynn Ballard (Tottenham, ON) performed, Candele knew he would have to be foot-perfect if he were to have a chance at the title.

“I knew from past experience the winner must be clear all the way. There is no opening,” said Candele tonight. “When you’re leading, it’s for you to lose. I took a little more time to the last jump tonight, maybe almost too much time. But I wanted to be sure to give the horse the best chance at winning.”

Candele’s risk over the enormous courses paid off with some big rewards, as did the efforts of Isabelle Lapierre (Breakeyville, QC) and Neil Badcock (Schomberg, ON), who finished third and sixth respectively – enough to earn them each a berth in next week’s International jumper division.

“Captain Canada” Ian Millar very nearly ousted Candele, finishing on a total of two faults to Candele’s perfect zero. Lapierre finished on three, Vince on four and Henselwood on five.

Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping Championships – Overall Standings

Rider / Hometown / Horse / Total Score
1. Yann Candele / Caledon, ON / Game Ready / 0
2. Ian Millar / Perth, ON / Star Power / 2
3. Isabelle Lapierre / Breakeyville, QC / Vicki Vale / 3
4. Ainsley Vince / Burlington, ON / Frieda / 4
5. Jill Henselwood / Oxford Mills, ON / George / 5