The Canadian Eventing Committee (CEC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 elections for committee members.

The composition of the CEC in 2015 is as follows:

Chair – Peter Gray – Firt term 2014-2015
Officials and Rules – Kellie Towers – Elected via acclimation for first term 2015-2016
Coaching – Ruth Allum – Elected via acclimation for first term 2015-2016
High Performance – Jenn Holling – Elected via acclimation for first term 2015-2018
Competitions – Peggy Hambly – First term 2014-2015
Secretary – Danielle Semel – Elected via acclimation for first term 2015-2016
FEI Safety Officer – Rob Stevenson – CEC appointment
Finance – Kurt Thoms – CEC appointment
Elite Riders Representative – Jessica Phoenix – Elected by Elite Riders Assoc.
Elite Riders Representative – Hawley Bennett-Awad – Elected by Elite Riders Assoc.
Equine Canada, Manager Eventing – Fleur Tipton (ex officio)

The position of Chair Athlete Development was not filled during the election process; therefore, under its terms of reference, the Canadian Eventing Committee will appoint a qualified individual to fill this position.

During the next few months, the newly elected chairs shall establish their technical committee membership. The 2015 CEC shall meet during the Canadian Eventing meetings and Congress weekend scheduled for the weekend of November 8–9, 2014 in Toronto.

The CEC expresses sincere gratitude to outgoing committee members Martha Griggs (Athlete Development Committee), Lynda Ramsay (Officials and Rules), Ian Roberts (Coaching) and Graeme Thom (High Performance) for their years of voluntary service and commitment to the eventing program.