The Canadian Eventing Committee (CEC) is a sub-committee of Equine Canada (EC). The Canadian Eventing Committee is a management committee. Its role is to ensure the overall management, integration and coordination of all CEC activities.

The Canadian Eventing Committee (CEC) is comprised of:

• a chairperson elected by Canadian Eventing Congress according to the process outlined in the CEC Governance Manual,
• a secretary elected by Canadian Eventing Congress according to the process outlined in the Governance Manual,
• two rider representatives elected by the Elite Riders Association (ERA),
• the FEI Safety Officer for Canada appointed by Canadian Eventing Committee, and
• the chair of the Finance committee appointed by the Canadian Eventing Committee.

In addition — the chairs of the following Technical Committees are elected by Canadian Eventing Congress representatives according to the process outlined in the CEC Governance Manual
• the chair of Coaching committee,
• the chair of High Performance committee,
• the chair of Athlete Development committee,
• the chair of Officials and Rules committees.
• the chair of Competitions committee, and
• ex-officio – Equine Canada Manager Eventing.

Key responsibilities of the CEC include:
• Develop, implement and monitor the Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and CEC Budget
• Provide leadership in establishing priorities for each of the Technical Committees against agreed upon objectives and targets to arrive at a final approved integrated operational plan, program and budget for the CEC as a whole.
• Conduct regular reviews of operations and budget against performance targets and outcomes.
• Provide direction to Equine Canada in all matters concerning Eventing.
All programs and activities are managed by the Canadian Eventing Committee with the support of select Equine Canada staff led by Manager of Eventing, based at the Equine Canada office in Ottawa. The CEC Governance manual defines the structure and terms of reference under which the committee operates.

The CEC hereby calls for nominations for the following positions:

Chair Position Position Currently Held By Status Term
Athlete Development Martha Griggs Outgoing-position open November 2014-2016
Coaching Ian Roberts Outgoing-position open November 2014-2016
High Performance N/A Position open November 2014-2016
Officials and Rules Lynda Ramsay Outgoing-position open November 2014-2016
Secretary Danielle Semell Eligible for second term November 2014-2016






Pursuant to the EC Policy, a term of office member of the CEC is defined as two years. An elected CEC member is eligible to serve a maximum of three terms after which they must stand down for a minimum of one (1) year before standing for election again.

*Exception: The term of the Chair of High Performance Committee will be four years to reflect and coincide with the Olympic cycle – with a maximum of two terms permitted. However the position will be reviewed at the two year mid – point of each term. This review will be conducted by the CEC with input from the High Performance Committee membership and the Elite Rider Representatives.

Deadline for receipt of nominations on the Nomination Form is 5:00pm ET Monday, September 15 , 2014 to the CEC – Nominating Committee c/o Manager Eventing Equine Canada.

Minimum eligibility requirements: All nominees must be a minimum of 18 years old and must be current members in good standing of Canadian Eventing. For complete information, please refer to the Canadian Eventing 2014 Election Information and Nomination Forms available on the eventing section of the Equine Canada web site.