The HITS Chicago Summertime Series is a wrap, but competition continues next week with the three-week HITS Chicago Equifest Series. The past three weeks have brought blue ribbons, Championships, and smiles to featured class winner’s faces at Lamplight Equestrian Center. The Summertime Series wrapped up its third week with the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby and the $50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix.

HITS thanks exhibitors for continuing to comply with the health and safety measures being implemented. As shows at Lamplight Equestrian Center continue, HITS asks that all trainers, exhibitors and staff comply with social distancing, wearing of masks, and other protocols outlined in the HITS Horse Show Protocol. If you are on your way to HITS Chicago, please be sure to review the HITS Horse Show Protocol prior to your arrival.

Featured classes in the Grand Prix Ring kicked-off with the $2,500 Open Welcome where Rachel Lindsey and COMANDER 16 claimed the first blue ribbon with the only double clear round and a time of 29.833.
2nd Place: Jonathon Millar & ALTER EGO [8-Faults, 29.072]
3rd Place: Holly Shepherd & CHS KROOZE [8-Faults, 32.570]

For the second week in a row, Mathis Schwentker secured the blue ribbon in Thursday’s featured class, the $5,000 Jumper Classic aboard CHARLY-ANN in a time of 33.700.
2nd Place: Dorothy Douglas & COMPLETELY NUTS [34.724]
3rd Place: Millar & SHADOW DE SHALIMAR [35.723]

Tracy Fenney and MTM APPLE were victorious on Friday in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. Eleven riders jumped clean in the first round and began preparations for the jump-off. Fenney returned third on the young horse, who made her mark with several top finishes during the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, and had several seasoned horses that followed her in the order. Fenney’s time of 36.365 was unbeatable and was good for the win.
2nd Place: Ali Wolff & CASALL [37.980]
3rd Place: Millar & VALINSKI S [38.382]

Jonathon Millar took home the win on Saturday in the $10,000 Open Jumper Prix aboard SHADOW DE SHALIMAR in a time of 35.567.
2nd Place: Carlee McCutcheon & MTM UNEXPECTED [4-Faults, 34.594]
3rd Place: Liz Atkins & UNDINE [4-Faults, 35.134]

Wolff moved up in the standings to take home the top placing in the $50,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix on Sunday aboard CASALL. Only two riders jumped clean in the first round and returned for the jump-off, where Wolff’s time of 36.214 would secured the blue ribbon.
2nd Place: Douglas & MTM THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS [4-Faults, 38.295]
3rd Place: Christian Heineking & NKH CENTO BLUE

Jumper Classic Winners

$1,000 M&S/WIHS Children’s & Adult High Jumper Classic: Leigh Nanda & EL CASPER
$1,000 NAL Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic: Nanda & EL CASPER
$1,000 M&S Modified Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic: Tessa Harper & AARHUS
$1,000 Dever M&S Children’s & Adult Low Jumper Classic: Harper & AARHUS
$2,500 Chicago Equine Jr/A-O/Am 1.20m Jumper Classic: Marjorie Martin & HANNIBAL V
$5,000 Pyranha Jr/A-O/Am 1.35m Jumper Classic: McCutcheon & MTM MALLORCA
$7,500 Jr/A-O/Am 1.40m Jumper Classic: McCutcheon & MTM UNEXPECTED

McCutcheon and HALO have been laying down consistent rounds to finish in the top three of the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby each week. This week her scores of 84.5 in the Hunter Classic round and 87 in the Handy Hunter round totaled a 171.5 and was good for the win.
2nd Place: Ed Copeland & MARSHALL [171]
3rd Place: Justice Delhagen & CORTES [169]

On Saturday afternoon, the Grand Prix Ring was transformed into a Hunter Derby field for the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby held at HITS Chicago. The blue ribbon ride was awarded to Margaret Camp and MIDAS earning the high scores in both the Hunter Classic and Handy Hunter rounds. Camp scored a 181 in the Hunter Classic round and a 193 in the Handy Hunter round for a cumulative score of 374.
2nd Place: Douglas & MTM EXCEPTIONAL [369.5]
3rd Place: Jordan Lubow & ANTHEMIS Z [356]

Hunter Classic Winners

$750 USHJA Green Hunter Challenge: Ryan Sassmanshausen & ROSALITA
$1,000 USHJA Green Hunter Incentive: Douglas & MTM ENTITLED
$1,000 AIG Junior Hunter Classic: Hannah Kohler & MALIBU
$1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic: Chloe Stix & FABIAN
$500 SmartPak M&S Adult Hunter Classic: Traci Ribeiro & ABUDABI
$500 M&S Children’s Hunter Classic: Lauren Crawford & CALEDONIA

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