Ottawa, Ontario–Equine Canada, in partnership with the Provincial Equestrian Federations, is working on the implementation of UNCART, a new competition system for Canada.

Slated for implementation in January 2008, the concept behind UNCART is to have the current levels of competition evolve into a new system, enabling participants, from competitors to coaches to follow a natural development progression, and take advantage of a ‘pay at the level you play’ system.

The UNCART Implementation Task Force has been working to confirm details on the new horse sport identification document, which will be replacing the current system of Equine Canada passports. It is important to note that although passports will not be issued beyond 2007 it is proposed that passports purchased before January 2008 will be honoured until 2010.

Furthermore, in regards to the Rules of Equine Canada, it has been decided that for 2007, the rulebooks, which will reflect the current competition system, will be available on-line only. For those who are unable to access the on-line rules for 2007, a copy can be printed and supplied at cost. The 2008 rules, which will be based on the new competition structure, will be available in the conventional printed format, as well as on-line.

Key concepts of the new competition system include:

  • Introducing a progressive approach to the sport, through all levels of ability, and working to keep competition participation costs down.
  • Tailoring the rules and instruction that support equestrian competition in Canada to increase participation and participation opportunities, and ultimately improve Canada’s performance on the world stage.
  • Creating a competition system that will work efficiently with the Long Term Athlete Development Program.
  • Working with the provincial associations to develop a progressive system of national officials to officiate at all EC sanctioned competitions.
  • Working with the provincial associations to ensure the competition system meshes with Regional/Zone Championships, Provincial Championships, Provincial Circuits and Canada Games.
  • Tracking the performance and points of all horses and riders at all levels

The Implementation Task Force will be developing a communications plan to introduce these changes and respond to questions that may arise. Through information sessions and releases, we will get this information out to interested people and groups. Educational sessions are to be held at the 2007 Equine Canada Annual Convention. For more info, please visit

An UNCART powerpoint presentation is now available on the EC website – Further updates will be posted as they become available, and will be included in the new electronic EC e-news email bulletin. Anyone interested in receiving this newsletter can subscribe to it by emailing