The “Continental” gave many familiar athletes another chance to shine in the rings. Thursday brought a swift, decisive victory to Eric Lamaze (CAN) in the RSA Cup and Rich Fellers (USA) started off with what would prove to be just the start of his victories this week with the Husky Energy Cup. Friday brought more excitement for the Americans as the AltaGas Cup went to Reed Kessler (USA) and the Scotiabank Cup to Kent Farrington (USA).

The second Olympic trial on Saturday brought out both the crowds and the sunshine! The action in the Meadows on the Green began with Meagan Nusz (USA) winning the Talisman Energy Cup. The CN Performance Grand Prix proved to be a real showstopper—a close race between all the Olympic hopefuls resulted in a stunning win for Rich Fellers (USA). It was the kind of competition that brought the spectators to their feet to cheer on their favourites! The tournament came to a close on Sunday with Kent Farrington (USA) taking another win with the Investor’s Group Cup and Daniel Bluman (COL) winning the McDaniel & Associates Cup (Parcours de Chasse).

Not able to take in the action in person? The Spruce Meadows Media Services team has posted the best of the week’s highlights on our website, and full results are available here.