During the opening of the Longines Masters of Paris event on December 1st, a new competition for 2017 was announced. Presented by EEM and the European Equestrian Federation (EEF), the Masters Riders Cup will premiere next December.

Inspired by the Ryder Cup in golf, established by American Samuel Ryder in 1927, this event will see teams of five world class show jumpers from Europe and the United States compete against each other.

The inaugural competition will take place at the 2017 Longines Masters of Paris, with teams being selected by Robert Ridland, the current coach of the United States’ national team that claimed an Olympic silver medal at Rio 2016, and Philippe Guerdat, the selector of the French national team that won gold.

Comprised of two rounds, riders will face off in a series of duels. The winning rider from each duel will be awarded points toward their team’s total. The coach of the winning team from the first round will decide which riders will be paired in the second round of duels, while the team captains will determine the order of go, outline their strategy and note any possible horse substitutions.

According to a Longines announcement, this duel of the two continents will showcase the top level of equestrian sport, expanding its popularity to that enjoyed by golf and tennis with the Ryder Cup and the Fed Cup. With the Masters Riders Cup, EEM and EEF begin the journey of a legendary competition. “Europe and the US have a natural rivalry,” said Ridland “and in this format we have a new style of competition which will require unique strategy.”

The 2018 edition will be held in California, during the Longines Masters of Los Angeles.

Check out the trailer below: