The 2015 Pan American Endurance Championship CEI 4*, which was planned for August 18, 2015 in Millbrook, ON, has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.

“All members of the organizing committee are disappointed that the Pan Am Endurance Championship had to be cancelled, as I’m sure are many others who had been planning and preparing for this special event,” said Bob Coleman, chair of the Pan American Endurance Championship Organizing Committee. “However, we understand the expense and other challenges South and Central American countries are faced with in terms of obtaining the necessary qualifications, travelling, leasing horses, etc.”

Coleman continued, “We wish to thank all those who helped in the planning stages for the event. And, on the bright side, the North American Endurance Team Challenge, to be held on August 21, promises to be an exciting event with some of the best equine and human athletes in North America competing.”

For more information on the FEI-sanctioned North American Endurance Team Challenge, click here.