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Ontario Study Shows Steamed Hay is Superior for Equine Athletes

Results are in from the Equine Guelph funded research that marks the first study to investigate steamed, soaked and dry hay in Ontario.


Take the Equine Guelph Research Survey

Equine Guelph and the University of Guelph would really like to know how you stay up to date on the latest equine research news. Together, they are conducting a study on the awareness of current research among members of Ontario’s horse industry. I

Fire Prevention and Emergency Rescue Training Clinics

Equine Guelph is hosting two upcoming hands-on clinics with internationally recognized instructor Dr. Rebecca Gimenez of (TLAER).

Ontario Equestrian Helps Fund Equine Gut Health Studies

Ontario Equestrian has partnered with Equine Guelph to help fund research to establish what is a normal microbial population in the equine digestive tract.

University of Guelph Offers New Equine Care and Management Diploma

Students interested in pursuing equine studies now have an Associate Diploma in Equine Care and Management to consider at the University of Guelph..

Developing the Sport Horse: Part 1

Extrapolating from human athlete research – can cross training have the same beneficial effects to our equine athletes? As our expectations for our equine partners increase, so should our knowledge of injury prevention and our understanding of

The Impact of Impact on Bone Health

Ontario Veterinary College, graduate student, Cristin McCarty is no stranger to joint health issues having to work through her own athletic injuries from rowing. As an avid rider since age 5, McCarty bought an ex-racehorse in her early teens for repu


40 Free Spots in Ontario Equine First Aid Workshop 

Equine Guelph will be offering a FREE hands-on equine first aid workshop facilitated by veterinarians for 40 Ontario horse industry participants.

Fire Prevention Outreach Program for Racing

After the rash of barn fires in Ontario at the beginning of 2016, Equine Guelph and its partners were quick to respond, bringing educational material regarding fire prevention to the horse industry. During the summer of 2016 a pilot program will be i


Two Students Win Equine Guelph Online Tuition Awards

Cynthia Naydani and Holly De Way won the Roger L’Heureux Memorial Equine Award and the Stuart Stocks Memorial Equine Award, Equine Guelph tuition awards.