UnSmooth Criminals

(Today’s post is a ‘take two’ of a blog that I thought I had posted on Friday, but realized today had never actually gone up on the blog, due to vagaries of the cyber universe) Here’s a prediction for you: I don’t anticipate being nominated for any Miss Congeniality awards by the judges this year. Maybe […]

Rio – No Brainer 2016

I know I promised a more optimistic 2016 prediction to follow the weekend’s frowny emoticon post about my expectation (low) of the FEI and EC in the coming year. But, given the doom-and-gloom stories that keep coming out regarding the upcoming Olympic Games, I feel compelled to cover this prediction now. I hereby predict that Rio 2016 will […]

2016 Fortune Telling – Part One

As usual, Welly World has hijacked my life, leaving me with little free time and a hoarse voice from all the social interacting that comes from cramming half the horse world into a few square miles. Since I am making so little headway on posting my 2016 predictions, and since just the first one is a lengthy blog on […]

K-Rob, Clairvoyant

The future is now. Literally. I’m late with my annual crystal ball peek into what lies ahead in our beloved horse world, but in the spirit of better-late-than-never (and besides – there are still 346 days left in 2016), I’ll post my predictions for the Year That Will Be in the next day or two. […]

The Year that Was

Happy 2016! Before we get to January’s mid-month ‘equator’ and it becomes too late to talk about 2015, here is my annual best-worst-most-least-etc list for the past year: Best sporting moment for Canada – even though the Show Jumpers won Pan Am team gold and Jessica Phoenix won silver individually in Eventing, I am declaring the entire […]


Based on the number of texts, emails and Facebook messages I’ve received with this link  I’m guessing many of you have already seen the news item exposing the change that has been made to the Dressage Rio criteria. I want to assure those of you who suspect I missed a beat that I was fully aware […]

Lauren goes Viral!

Click here to see what I’m talking about, then please come back and read the back story. I’ve known Lauren Barwick as an amazing, inspiring person ever since I first met her in 2002 when she needed a Para Dressage freestyle. Lauren is, of course, the most successful Para Dressage rider in Canadian history, a role […]

Un-Sport Canada

Before I launch into today’s tirade, I would like to take a moment to apologize to my international reading audience. I realize that when I post about things specifically Canadian, I may be boring you. Today I am at risk of making it one of those times, though I will do my very best to keep it […]

Saddle Fitting with our Newest Team Member

I was going to write this week in response to a Q&A I read in a magazine recently “Can a Wide Backed Horse Hurt my Hips?” but I will leave that topic for a future blog, since I had to share with you the story my newest Client Success Manager Sarah Ellis (see pic!) from […]