Akaash’s heart-felt and understatedly witty letter to Canada here.  For those of you in Canada who care enough to have an opinion, I ask you to make sure you know enough to own the opinion you choose to have. I will do my very best to help in the knowledge department.

Kerri McGregor, chair of Equine Canada Sport Council and Team Leader of the CET, has kindly given me permission to post the letter that she wrote Akaash today following the announcement of his resignation. Here it is.

Dear Akaash,

It is with great sadness that I learned of your departure from Equine Canada. I know that I can speak with confidence on behalf of Sport Council and the Canadian Equestrian Team when I say that your contributions to the organization and equestrian sport have made a significant positive impact that will endure for a long time to come.

Your hard work and commitment is very much appreciated. But more than that, you represented our organization and sport with an unparalleled level of grace, sincerity, eloquence and style – and were often the calm voice of reason in a sometimes turbulent and  fractious environment. You not only helped to raise the visibility of Equine Canada, both nationally amongst our membership&  sport partners as well as internationally with our fellow equestrian federations and the FEI, you did so by instilling a sense of pride in our organization and a sense of empowerment to the volunteers who so diligently work on its behalf.  I know that many will consider it an honour to have worked with you during your years at Equine Canada, and I count myself among them.

I look forward to hearing of your future exploits and adventures, and thank you sincerely for the vast amount you have given us in such a short time.  You will be greatly missed.



Kerri McGregor

Chair – Sport Council

Team Leader – Canadian Equestrian Team