Hi All – This is Jennifer Anstey here to hijack Karen’s blog for one post. For those of you that don’t know me, I own Horse Publications Group of which this website is a part. I’ve read Karen’s last two posts and having just returned home from Equestrian Canada’s convention I wanted to share my […]

Breaking News: EC Rips Off Own Logo

No, I’m not joking. Last night at the EC Convention gala, EC’s much anticipated new brand was unveiled…to much eye-rolling. It’s another classic ‘couldn’t make this s@*t up’ moment, courtesy of our national federation. Because of course this ‘brand’ new logo is so similar to the decades-old CET logo that you could be forgiven for thinking that the […]

Look Out Rio, Here Who Comes!

Last week the USEF issued a press release announcing the names of ten riders and 16 horses (Beezie’s got four!) short listed for the US Olympic Show Jumping team.  Yesterday, my Google Alerts included a story from the Irish Times about the media day that Team Ireland held for that country’s Olympic hopefuls. The article included this adorable […]


Information flow from EC to the people formerly known as members is less like water from a tap and more like pushing on a zit until it yields the white stuff. There is a great deal of information on the EC site, but finding it is an exercise in patience and perseverance. I know I’m […]

Join the EC Egg Hunt!

I’m spending the long weekend dodging spring weather surprises in Calgary, but I thought you might enjoy a little holiday-inspired sleuthing as you chew the butts and ears off chocolate bunnies. The egg I’ll be blogging about in a few days was laid by the golden blog goose; I’m talking about EC of course. You will […]


Sorry for the delay in getting this shockingly bad EC news to you, but a case of Strangles in Southlands, the horse-dense area in Vancouver where I keep my horse, has absorbed much of my time over the past five days. Now that quarantine and bio-security are in place, the yelling at the individuals whose […]

The Russians Are Coming!

If today’s headline confuses you, here is a bit of background reading to help you get un-confused: first, read Astrid Appels’ editorial on the hysteria surrounding the results at last week’s CDI 3* in Moscow; then, when you have digested that, take a look at the statement the FEI quickly issued once the hue and cry had reached […]


That’s boom as in the noise a bomb makes. Also as in the expression, ‘lowering the boom’. If you are a member of the Canadian equestrian community, I have very bad and very ominous news for you: Amie O’Shaughnessy, former Director par excellence of EC’s Para Department, and more latterly EC’s first ever Director of High Performance, […]

Wet ‘n Wild

Welly World always induces in me an image of Disneyland for horse people, complete with a carnival (at times, three, four or ten ring circus) atmosphere. My annual pilgrimage this year put me in mind of a water park adventure, you know the kind I mean. Riding a log roller coaster while getting soaked, along with a handful of […]

UnSmooth Criminals

(Today’s post is a ‘take two’ of a blog that I thought I had posted on Friday, but realized today had never actually gone up on the blog, due to vagaries of the cyber universe) Here’s a prediction for you: I don’t anticipate being nominated for any Miss Congeniality awards by the judges this year. Maybe […]