Fracture Facts

Dr. Melissa MacKinnon says that the majority of fractures referred to the hospital occur in race horses, either during a race or during high-speed training.

Snap, Crackle, Pop!!!

Should you be worried about joint noises your horse is making? Dr. Kathleen MacMillan of the University of Prince Edward Island gives some insight.

Gastric Ulcers

One likely possibility of a horse suddenly seeming off could be gastric ulcers. This article highlights the causes, symptoms, and treatment of them.

Basic Equine Dental Care

To understand a horse’s teeth and dental needs, owners need to know what’s going on in their mouths at each stage of their development, says Grant MacKinnon

Vesicular Stomatitis

Vesicular stomatitis is a disease caused by a vesiculovirus of the rhabdoviridae family that can infect many animals, and occasionally even humans.