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Advice for Horse Owners Buying Equine Treadmills

Equine treadmills can be used as a time-saving conditioning tool or a therapeutic aid. At some equestrian facilities, they are becoming standard equipment.

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By: Margaret Freeman |

Treadmills for horses are becoming standard equipment at horse farms nowadays and for a variety of reasons. They reduce the need for labor and time-intensive hand-walking in much the same way as a hot-walker, but with added advantages. They can be used for aerobic workouts, rehabilitation, muscle building and diagnostics – and they do so in very limited space. One big advantage of a treadmill over a hot walker is that the horse isn’t tied and thus can stretch his head and neck and use his top line efficiently. With today’s treadmills you can control the speed and the incline and set a variety of programs to suit any horse’s exercise plan. Treadmills can be used under cover in any kind of weather or with water to increase rehabilitation and conditioning benefits. While they come in a variety of sizes and weights, treadmills usually run from 4,500 to 10,000 pounds.…

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