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Winning Dressage Training with Tina & Jaimey Irwin

Canadian dressage duo Tina and Jaimey Irwin share tips on the working and cool-down phases of their training program for youngsters and seasoned veterans.

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By: Alison King |

Whether competing around the world or training at home at Stoney Lake Equestrian near Toronto, consistency is key for husband and wife dressage duo Tina and Jaimey Irwin. They credit their success to a systematic training approach based on the classical German dressage system. In the last issue, they explained the systematic training program they employ and took us through warm-ups; this month the working phase and cool-down are explained. “It’s very important for riders and horses to stick with a consistent training routine to give confidence to them both,” says Tina Irwin. “We have three distinct phases in our system: warm-up, work, and cool-down. While it’s tempting to focus just on the working phase, warming up and cooling down correctly are crucial for the longevity of your horse’s career and also their mental well-being.” In our last issue, the Irwins shared some of their favourite tips and exercises for a…

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