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Visualize Your Way to a Better Sitting Trot

Shannon Dueck explains how to use your body properly through both physical and mental exercises in order to ride the sitting trot comfortably.

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By: Alison King |

The sitting trot could be a metaphor for the sport of dressage itself. Deceptively simple-looking, it requires a significant level of strength and skill to perform correctly. There may be no better test of your development as a rider and your readiness to progress up the levels than the ability to create the appearance of sitting effortlessly at the trot, particularly on a large-moving horse. But why do we do it? Other than the important fact that sitting trot is required in all dressage tests from second level up, what purpose does it serve in the development of the dressage horse and rider? International grand prix competitor and Pan Am Games silver medallist Shannon Dueck explains, “Sitting well is the basis for the development of swing, cadence, and collection, which is why it is necessary as the training continues from first to second level and above.” Dueck, who was born…

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