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Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (aka Tying-Up) in Horses

Whether you call it Monday morning disease, azoturia, set fast, tying-up syndrome or exertional rhabdomyolysis, the symptoms can be quite disturbing.

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Developing Elite Dressage Horses with Chris von Martels

Chris von Martels specializes in finding and developing top dressage prospects. Here, he outlines what he looks for and how he tailors his training.

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How You Can Build a Better Bond with Your Horse

We love our horses and hope they love us. But do they? Here, we review what research has shown, and how to build a stronger relationship.

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Swiss Show Jumper Martin Fuchs Has Golden Goals

Martin Fuchs may be one of the youngest European Champions there has ever been, but it’s not like he hasn’t been around for a while. When he was just a teen and the World Equestrian Games were taking place in Lexington, Kentucky, Martin was winning individual gold at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. …

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Jumper Joelle Froese is Building Relationships & Reaping Rewards

Canadian show jumper Joelle Froese is motivated by her own success, and even more so by that of the students and horses that she trains.

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How to Set Up the Perfect Home Gym for Horseback Riders

Here’s a list of simple, economical home equipment and rider-focussed exercises to give you some bang for your out-of-the-saddle buck.


Fun Winter Activities to do With Your Horse in the Arena

Have fun and build confidence in your horse with this collection of games, challenges and activities to practice in the arena over the winter.


Meet Kendal Lehari’s Thoroughbred Makeover Mount Mitchell

Canadian eventer Kendal Lehari says her 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover mount, Mitchell, is “a definite keeper.” In fact, he’s the coolest horse she’s ever had.


Get Expert Advice on Winterizing Your Horse Stable

Find out which steps you should take to keep your horses warm in the barn this winter, and avoid any potential cold weather disasters.


Stable Personalities: Roberta Sheffield’s Fairuza (aka Wonky)

Canadian Paralympian Roberta Sheffield’s Fairuza may not be your typical para-dressage horse, but she and her rider are the perfect match.