In this series, judge Randy Roy critiques riders’ positions over fences, praising good form and pointing out flaws and how to correct them. We are looking for other brave souls to send us their photos! Email your high-resolution jumping pics to

Mary Jane Rodger & Debonaire (pictured above)

– Lower leg super supportive
– Release excellent
– Upper body totally in the middle and eyes focussed

Needs Improvement:
– Not much!
– Maybe a little more weight in her heel would bring her slightly closer to her horse
– Could also relax her knee grip a little

Overall: A+
What can I say? Keep on riding, you are a natural!


Brianna Sterling & Desperate Measures (aka Fiona)

– Proportionately out of the tack for the height of the jump
– A nice automatic release following the mouth
– Beautifully centred with her horse, square in the middle

Needs Improvement:
– Her knee could relax a little more which would put her leg more securely underneath her
– Her back is flat, almost to the point where she is stiff-backed; I would like to see her back a little more relaxed

Overall: B
You have a fabulous horse. Pet him! You are a lucky girl. These little suggestions will make you equally as fabulous.


Nicole Clark & Platinum Edition

– This is a very pleasing photo of the horse and rider
– Her short release is giving enough for the horse to use himself
– Rider’s face is up and looking ahead

Needs Improvement:
– Her seat is a little too far out of the saddle
– Her leg has slipped back, causing her knee and hip angles to close slightly more than needed
– A bit of a roached back, easily fixed by closing down lower to her horse with her upper body

Overall: B+
I like your positive look and your horse is jumping beautifully, so he likes your ride!


Anna Gilmour & Lunar Eclipse

– She has beautiful conformation as a rider
– Following along with her horse
– Eye level up and looking forward
– Leg very supportive
– Great release

Needs Improvement:
– Slightly too far out of the tack for the low jump
– Stirrup could come back a little, which would relax her knee

Overall: A-
Minor fixes; you have it all. A pleasure to watch; your horse likes you as he’s jumping well!


Jenna Gauthier & Reggie

– Good lower leg
– Proportionately out of the saddle for the size of the jump
– Looking ahead to her next jump

Needs Improvement:
– Do not take any of these points negatively; they are all meant to help you!
– Bring your elbows in
– Your release needs to be forward
– Let your stirrup come forward
– Stay in the centre of your horse

Overall: B-
There, how easy was that? You are for sure a keen, competitive rider – all the best to you!