Dissecting the Dance

Australian scientist and horse welfare advocate Dr. Andrew McLean discusses the rights of horses and how the Training Scale is being rewritten to promote kinder methods of training.

The Road to Pony Finals

Qualification to the USEF Pony Finals is earned by being champion or reserve champion in your respective division at a USEF-rated national show.

Junior League

The lack of youngsters taking up dressage in Canada could mean the sport will suffer down the road. How do organizers make dressage more fun and appealing to the next generation?

The Equitation Equation

Most would agree that the North American equitation classes are doing their job as a stepping stone for riders hoping to compete at the grand prix level.

Not Quite a Free Ride

The truth about the 2015 Pan Am Games travel subsidy for horses and why it will ensure the best possible competition in Toronto in July.

Working Student Advice

Once a working student herself, Morag O’Hanlon offers advice for getting – and keeping – what could be the most important job in your riding career.