In this new series, judge Randy Roy critiques riders’ positions over fences, praising good form and pointing out flaws and how to correct them. We are looking for brave souls to send us their photos! Email your high-resolution jumping pics to

Correct: A+

• good upper body

• focused and looking ahead

• showing ample release

Needs improvement: B

• knee is pinched

• release is a little low; should be higher and into the neck

• needs to trust her horse; looks like a good soldier

Overall: A-

She seems to know her horse and they make a good combination.

Correct: A+

• eyes are up and forward

• rider is totally in the centre of his horse

• body is forward enough for the size of the jump

• foot is correctly placed in the stirrup

• looks very confident and trusting in his jumping form

Needs improvement: B-

• elbows are slightly out

• release is low and hands are pushed into the side of the neck

• his leg has slipped back and the heel is up

Overall: B+

Has a good feeling – he knows where he is going! All easy fixes; work without stirrups will help improve lower leg position.

Correct: B

• upper body is low and closed

• eyes are good and looking ahead

• rider is doing more than the horse!

Needs improvement: C+

• the stirrup is way out on the toe

• the dropped low release has too much contact and guidance from the left opening rein

• leg is back and the rider is too far out of the tack for this low jump

Overall: B-

Horse needs some gymnastic work to improve his front end, but otherwise seems positive.