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Beat the Ho-Hum Winter Doldrums with Fun Arena Activities

Have fun and build confidence in your horse with this collection of games, challenges and activities to practice in the arena over the winter.


The Importance of Goal-Setting for Equestrians

Andrea Harrison says equestrians should make goals that are S.M.A.R.T. – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely – in order to be successful.


Equestrian Entrepreneur is Helping Make Horse Events Safer

Ex-cop Jeff Bagg became an entrepreneur in the horse industry by acting as consultant, helping horse shows prepare for worst-case scenarios.


Celebrating the Gift of Love and Life at Rebecca Farms

An Alberta couple celebrated a unique anniversary during this year’s Event at Rebecca Farms, proving you should never put your dreams on hold.


Careers in the Horse Biz: Independent Tack Shop Owner

Every horse owner’s favourite destination (next to the barn, of course!) is the local tack shop. Many of us have even fantasized about opening our own.


The Unique Relationship Between Equestrian Coaches and Riders

Considering the risks involved in equestrian sport, the unique partnership between a coach and rider is like no other coach-athlete relationship in sports.

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Accident Protocols at Equestrian Canada Horse Shows

What happens if a competitor falls or is injured at an Equestrian Canada-rated horse show? Learn more about their accident and return to play protocols.


Equestrian Canada Coach Licensing Changes Explained

Changes are coming to the way equestrian coaches are licensed in Canada. Find out what they are, and what they mean to equestrian sport in Canada.


Wallet Watching on Building Projects for Equestrians

Stephanie Stone of Stonewood Construction Management Inc. advises how you can stay on track and on budget when building and renovating.


Chritilot Boylen on What to Look for in a Dressage Prospect

Canadian dressage star Christilot Boylen lends her expertise, detailing the top characteristics to look for in a prospective dressage mount.