The World Championships for Young Horses in Lanaken is the highlight every year for many breeders, riders, owners and equestrian enthusiasts. But can this World Championship final predict the future? We figured it out and go back in time 10 years ago, to 2010 to be precise…

5 year old horses

Forty-two five-year-olds qualified for the final in 2010. Of these, fourteen combinations qualified for the jump-off in which five horses jumped another clear. The win was for Always There under the saddle of the Brazilian Camilla Mazza de Benedicto. In 2012 they jumped international in the classes for 7-year-old horses at 1m35 level, but after that it became quiet around the brown gelding.

Second place was for a more famous stallion, Comme Il Faut under the saddle of Franz-Josef Dahlmann: “As a five-year-old Comme Il Faut was quite small and hot, which made his canter very short. We participated in the Bundeschampionat for the five-year-old horses, in which we finished in the final. A week later we won silver at the World Championships,” Dahlmann recalls. The rest of Comme Il Faut’s career reads like a fairy tale. From silver at the Bundeschampionat for 6 year old horses to victories in the CSI5* Grand Prix’s of Brussels and Vienna, supplemented with victories during CSI5* Chantilly, Barcelona, Madrid,…

Third place went to Cortado under the saddle of Andreas Schou. This stallion jumped until 1m25 level in the Children and Juniors classes after the World Championships, but unfortunately the real success did not follow. Fortunately that cannot be said about Aysatti, a son of No Limit x Creool who finished in fourth place with Kristin Nyberg. Aysatti later came under the saddle of Mathijs van Asten with whom he managed to win the CSI2* Grand Prix of Koningsbosch in 2015. Until 2015 they were active at 1m50 level.

As the fifth and last double clear we see Capitano Paul Z. He jumped at the World Championship under the saddle of the Portuguese Rodrigo Vaz Pinto Sousa. Later the gray son came under the saddle of the Swedish Victoria Wallenstam with whom he jumped up to 1m60 level. Their highlight was undoubtedly a victory in the 1m50 class during CSIO3* Drammen in 2016.

Of the other finalists, 8 turned out to be 1m60 horses, namely Already (Querlybet Hero x Bal Pare with Jeffrey Fields), Vienna Olympic (Cassini I x Contender with Sheikh Ali bin Khalid Al Thani), Sri Aladdin (Quasimodo Z x Burggraaf with Meagan Nusz), Amor (Namelus R x Haarlem with Yuri Mansur), Chacco Boy (Chacco-Blue x Lasangos with Szabolcs Krucso), Adilot (Ars Vivendi x Grandilot with Thomas Holz), Allegro (Cobra x Burggraaf with Remco Been) and Toulago (Toulon x Carthago Z with Pius Schwizer).

Nonplusultra 4 (Nagano x Pessoa), Kobie (Animo x Capitol I), Falaise de Muze (Wandor vd Mispelaere x Nabab de Reve), For Fashion (For Pleasure x Contender) and Bøgegården’s Graf’s Stakkato (Graf Top x Stakkato) jumped up to 1m50 level while Chacciana (Chacco-Blue x Andiamo Z), Atlantis PP Z (Air Jordan Z x Corofino I), Mullentine Loughgall (Tlaloc M x Cavalier Royale), Rebel de Boilly (Calvaro Z x Rodeo de Baussy), Ardenta VDL (Cardento x Peter Pan) and Armani van Overis Z (Air Jordan Z x Darco) finally competed at 1m45 level.

Final score?

Ten 1m60 horses, six 1m50 show jumpers and six 1m45 show jumpers.

With 22 out of 42, that can certainly be called a successful year!

View the results of the 5 year olds here:

6-year-old horses

Exactly fifty horses were allowed to call themselves a finalist among the 6-year-old horses in 2010. Fifteen of them made the finish flawlessly, six did it double clear!

The fastest was Clement McMahon who took home the victory aboard NLS Coole Al Clover . The chestnut gelding eventually jumped up to 1m45 level under the saddle of the Belgian Frederik Cattebeke before he disappeared from the scene in 2014.

The second place for the 6-year-old horses was taken by an iconic stallion, Emerald . Under the saddle of Harrie Smolders, the chestnut stallion jumped to numerous victories, including the CSI5* Grand Prix’s of Bordeaux and Chantilly. In addition, he won the Nation Cups of Aachen, Falsterbo, Gijon, Rotterdam and even the World Cup of Washington!

The bronze medalist, Quimono de la Roque also broke through at the highest level. After gaining bronze with Edwina Tops Alexander the brown gelding moved to the Danish Andreas Schou who brought him up to 1m60 level before moving to the Danish Clara Hallundbaek who is still active internationally with Quimono!

Fourth place in 2010 went to Casquino and Daniel Deusser. Even more impressive is that in 2011 they were also good for a silver medal at the World Championship for 7-year-old horses! Casquino eventually jumped at 1m55 level under the saddle of Samuel Hutton, who sees a fifth place in the CSI2* Grand Prix of Opglabbeek as a highlight on their record.

H&M Zilverstar T finished in fifth place under the saddle of Olivier Philippaerts and later broke through under the saddle of Nicola Philippaerts. The gray stallion jumped to the highest level and recorded victories at CSI5* Mexico, Doha and St. Moritz, among others!

But also here, the list of finalists was filled with eventual top horses… Elvis Ter Putte (Diamant de Semilly x Darco with Karline de Brabander), Uvettas (Quidam de Revel x Lord with Imma Roquet Autonell), Lacrimoso 3 (Landjunge x Cascavelle with Patrice Delaveau), Hemmelhorst Zojasper (Concorde x Jasper with Cesar Almeida), Cash del Mar Z (Conan Z x Prins Drum van Bellet with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli), Cover Girl (Contender x Zünftiger xx with Alison Robitaille), Qlassic Bois Margot (L’Arc de Triomphe x Galoubet A with Simon Delestre), Pacino (Diamant de Semilly x Muguet du Manoir with Clem McMahon), Liberty Man (Limbus x Carthago Z with Erika Lickhammer-Van Helmond), Oldtown KC (Cruising x Clover Fields with Trevor Breen), Cabachon (Casall ASK x Concerto II with Suus Kuyten), Excenel V (Thunder vd Zuuthoeve x Landetto with Marcel Ewen), Baltimore 1178 (Balou du Rouet x Landor S with Malin Baryard-Johnsson), VDL Groep Eureka (Chin Chin x Quidam de Revel with Maikel van der Vleuten) and Harry K (Equest Carnute x Robin Z with Derin Demirsoy), they are all sounding 1m60 show jumpers that already were successful back in 2010.

Caius (Caretino x Contender), Ball Door (Balou du Rouet x Grandeur), Audi’s Elisa (Toulon x Ferro), Zjohn (Casantos x Ramiro Z), Question d’Orval (Rosire x Tu Viens Dorval) and Rincarina (Cruising x Diamond Lad ) competed up to 1m50 level while

Good News II (Last News x Clover Hill), Quipper de la Roche (Flipper d’Elle x Poutcki Du Don), Quinault VDV (Quasimodo Z x Hinault), Quality du Golfe (L’Arc de Triomphe x Galoubet A), Quizz du Rivage (Grenat de Grez x Iris Landais), PM Casino (Castor x Elmshorn), Zavall VDL (Casall x Emilion), Quemi Star (Emilion), Carsey Z (Carthino Z x Columbus) and Amiro Z (Amigo Toss xx x Ramiro Z) were shown at 1m45 level.

Final score?

Eighteen 1m60 horses, seven 1m50 show jumpers and ten 1m45 show jumpers.

35 out of 50, that’s impressive!

View the results of the 6 year olds here:

7-year-old horses

And then we still have to talk about the final of the finals… The 7-year-old horses. 40 finalists, barely three double clear. It was not an easy course!

Equipharma Dax van d’Abdijhoeve and Pieter Devos took home the big title. It wouldn’t be the last big win for this Desir du Chateau son, as he also took home victories at CSI5* level, such as in Leipzig and Hong Kong. Together, Devos en Dax jumped up to 1m60 level and traveled around the world.

Silver was for Cooper 75 and Rene Tebbel. They later jumped successfully at 1m60 level as well, ending their sportive career with a victory in the CSIO3* Nations Cup of Celje.

For the bronze Ballypatrick Mystique, there was no big five-star career ahead after Lanaken. This Heritage Fortunus x Cavalier Royale’s chestnut daughter jumped internationally up to 1m45 level under the saddle of Giorgia Failla after her third place at the WC with Greg Broderick.

Fourth place went to Wapper and Stefanie van den Brink. The son of Perion x Ircolando and van den Brink did well and grew together to CSIO5* 1m60 level. Among other things, they achieved a 7th place in the prestigious competition of Calgary!

Welsina and Michel Hendrix signed for the fifth place in Lanaken. This daughter of Lupicor x Wellington eventually jumped to 1m45 level.

But also here the resulting list of 1m60 sport horses out of the finalists is impressive: Dakar (Utrillo Z x Darco with Olivier Philippaerts), Hunter’s Scendix (Stakkato x Dinar with Brecht Bille), Asca Z (Askari x Carthago Z with Christian Ahlmann), Tic Tac du Seigneur (Clinton x Darco with Ben Maher), Diamonds Billy (Diamant de Semilly x Heartbreaker with Dirk Demeersman), Chill RZ (Chellano Z x A Lucky One with Charlie Jayne), Cornet D’Amour (Cornet Obolensky x Damiani with Daniel Deusser), Phenix ( Pilgrim x Landgraf I with Marek Waclawik), Westham (Hors La Loi x Ahorn Z with Ben Asselin), Andora Z (Andiamo Z x Parlando I with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli), Victoria Rose (Limmerick x Edmund Burke xx with Peter Smyth), Bonaire (Baloubet du Rouet x Carthago Z with Manuel Fernandez Saro), Willow (Guidam x Little Rock with Kent Farrington), Perfect de Coquerie (Orlando x Jalisco B with Georgina Bloomberg), Don Juan (Flamenco de Semilly x Lagano with Suus Kuyten) and Acardi Du Houssoit Z (Artos Z x Carthago Z with Christophe Vanderhasselt). That’s more than a handful…

Ide R.A.G. (Sheraton x Cavalier), Winnie (Manhatten x Calvados), Whispering Hope (Indorado x Ahorn), AD Wilbert Z (Picasso Z x Numero Uno), Cesanna (Cento x Centauer Z) and Whatever (Murano x Amethist) are finalists that jumped up to 1m50 level while

Pele (Contendro I x Federweisser), Royal Queen (Nassau x Elton), VDL Groep Calypso Z (Coriano Z x Carthago Z), Watina (Quasimodo Z x Marlon), Wilywonty (Aldatus Z x Diamond Serpent) and Liostro (Lansing x Cassini I) competed up to 1m45 level.

Final score?

Nineteen 1m60 horses, six 1m50 show jumpers and eight 1m45 show jumpers.

33 out of 40, that is already close to perfection… Would there be a vintage that scores better?

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