The 5th Annual Royal West tournament began with excitement, showcasing riders from North America and beyond in the $35,500 Camelot Cup 1.45m CSI2* presented by Poker Vision Media Inc. Werner Deeg designed the first Grand Prix course of the tournament, which asked riders and their horses to be quick and careful.

The speed class consisted of 13 jumping efforts with few opportunities to use an inside turn to make up lost time. Majority of riders, including our winner – Kyle King of Ocala, FL, aboard Escudo’s Triumph – took all the opportunities they could find in attempt to end the evening on the podium.

King had an early lead by taking on his first mount, Giorgio Van’t Hagenhof but was promptly over taken by Canadian Yann Candele aboard Granit S. “[Candele] took away the lead quickly but I knew I was only two seconds off,” said King “I used [Candele]’s round as well as the rest of the class to gage a plan for Escudo’s Triumph, my final horse”.

“I am very pleased with the result. I had the pleasure of riding Granit S years ago. We put pressure on everybody.” Candele did not leave any cards on the table, laying down a tidy and fast round making it seemingly impossible to catch. “John invited me to come to Royal West and compete on his horse. Sometimes the sport takes us away from Canada but I am back home and we are here to support Royal West. It is very important.”

Kelly Keller of Poker Vision Media Inc, and his daughter with John Anderson presenting Kyle King winner of the $35,500 Camelot Cup.

$35,000 Friends of Rocky Mountain 1.45m CSI3*
Presented by Pure North
Rider / Horse / Country
1. Escudo’s Triumph / Kyle King / USA
2. Granit S / Yann Candele / CAN
3. Koss Van Heiste / James Chawke / IRL
4. For Freedom Z / Keean White / CAN
5. Leilani / Keean White / CAN
6. Giogio Van’t Hagenhof / Kyle King / USA
7. Day Lalan / Tamah Sobie / CAN
8. Daylight VDL / Elizabeth Gingras / CAN

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