Ottawa, Ontario—Dressage Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 “EIGHT” Awards, sponsored by Dominion Regalia.


Winners for The EIGHT Awards in 2008

Rider / Hometown / Province

Andrea Bresee / Uxbridge / ON

Harma Germs / Montague / PEI

Erin Macquarrie / Lakeside / NB


The EIGHT Award, sponsored by Dominion Regalia, is an awards program geared towards Silver and Gold dressage competitions.


Riders follow three simple steps to achieve their “EIGHT” Award:


1.               Gather eight (8) dressage tests from which you achieved a score of eight (8) in the “Collective Mark” for “Rider’s Position.”

2.               Fill out the online EIGHT Submission Form

3.               Send the submission form along with a copy of your eight (8) tests to the Equine Canada Dressage Department by December 1, each year.


Upon review and approval of the submission, the rider will be awarded the EIGHT Pin which can be worn on their riding jacket lapel. Once a rider has earned their first EIGHT Award, they may continue to add bars to the original pin by submitting additional scores each season.


Submission deadline for the EIGHT Award is December 1st of each year. The only mark that counts towards this award is the “Rider’s Position” in the “Collective Mark” section on all technical tests offered at Silver and Gold dressage competitions. Freestyle tests are not accepted.


The expected outcomes of this program are


• recognition of improved riding skills: position and seat, correctness and effect of the aids—therefore better riding;

• increased understanding of the judge’s collective marks; and

• increased entries at Silver and Gold competitions as competitors strive to collect their eights.


The EIGHT program, sponsored by Dominion Regalia, is open to all competitors at Gold and Silver Equine Canada sanctioned dressage competitions. There is no registration fee for this program.


For more information and how to register for the Dressage Canada The EIGHT Award program, sponsored by Dominion Regalia, please visit the Dressage section of the Equine Canada site.


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